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Welcome to your new favorite digital wellness platform, Self-Care gang! We’re so glad you’re here.  Think of us as the Destiny's Child of wellness!  Check out our podcast on apple & spotify. 


Self-Care Gang was founded by Texas native Devyn Walker, a licensed therapist, rehabilitation counselor, and yoga teacher. Devyn prides herself on her intentional focus on adding wellness and healing back into the lives of the Black community. She began her journey into the world of yoga and therapy after the passing of her father and has not looked back since. When you hear Devyn, she is speaking about wellness and self-care. 


Our Cohost Desiree’ is also a therapist in training committing to black wellness and mental health. In Desi’s free time she enjoys planting and indulging in self-care. 

Be sure to bookmark our page and check out the podcast! We are dedicated to making mental health and wellness more relatable and understandable. Please send all inquiries to IG: @selfcare.gang Twitter: @Selfcaregangpod