The Top 5 Yoga Poses You Need to Know Before Taking a Yoga Class.

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Before you take you first your first yoga class you should always do a little research so you can know what you getting yourself into, you don't want to leave class too shook. For the most part, you will do these poses below in most classes. 

Child's Pose 

Child's pose is the ULTIMATE resting posture. I could literally lay this way allllll day. How you get into is you bring your big toes to touch at the back of your mat, spread your knees about as wide as your mat, push your tailbone towards your heels, while stretching your arms forward, and resting your forehead on the mat. While you're in this pose you can even rock your forehead from left to right massaging your third eye center which is your seat of intuition and enlightenment. Get that third eye open and poppin' okay! 

Upward Facing Dog 

When I first started yoga, I swear I did this pose wrong for atleast the first year. It's so simple but yet so easy to f*ck up. So in this pose you want to press your hands into your mat, open your heart forward, while literally pulling your shoulders away from one another, flip to the shoelace part of your feet, while pressing the top of your feet into the mat so you can activate your quads and lift your legs off the mat. It's definitely a little harder than what it looks right?

Downward Facing Dog 

This is the most common pose. Even if you've never done yoga before I'm sure you heard of the downward facing dog. So coming from table top pose, tuck your toes and push your tailbone back. Spread your finger wide like a starfish while pushing your weight into your pointer finger, thumb, and pinky. Actively push your chest towards your thighs and press your heels as far as you can to the earth.

Warrior II

This is another pose that is alot harder than it looks but over time you'll get it down. So first bend your front knee at a 90 degree angle, spin your back heel down where it's parallel with the back of your mat, and make sure your front foot is cutting your back arch in half. Make a "T" with your arms and shift your gaze over your front middle finger. 

Crescent Lunge  

This pose is kinda like a high lunge that you would do while exercising. So bring your front knee to a 90 degree angle, back leg is straight, and come to the ball of your back foot. Stack your heel directly over your back toes. Keep your hips square towards the front, reach your hands high, and relax your shoulders from your ears.  

Which pose did you like the most? Comment below!

Also be on the look out for my next yoga tutorial video this Friday for #FlowFridays & my next blog post on Sunday for #SelfCareSunday over the different types of yoga & how to start yoga. 

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  1. After I did all I definitely got a new breathe. Which means it need to be a regular thing. Thank you!